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oilcloth fabric roll top lunch bag featuring dachshund dogs on an ochre colour background
Oilcloth lunch bag - Ochre Dachshund

Oilcloth lunch bag - Ochre Dachshund

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Really useful bag to carry lunch or snacks in. It folds up with a velcro fastening and can be used time and time again.

Use them to cut down on the use of disposable plastic or paper bags  to conserve the environment.

This Bag is Affordable, Stylish and Eco Friendly.

Each bag is made with a waterproof oilcloth outer fabric and you have a choice of 3 linings:

1. Procare fabric which is certified food safe (you can place raw food on it) and is also water resistant

2. Ripstop fabric which is waterproof and does not tear easily

3. Thermal fabric, which keeps food cold/hot for longer

Bags can be wiped clean between uses, using a mild cleansing agent and a soft cloth / wipes. 

You cannot machine wash, tumble dry, or iron as it will melt.